How to buy a cheap tickets! 4 tips

An air ticket is the most important component of a trip, and its cost directly affects your trip, if it is expensive, there may be no trip.

4 tips on how to buy a cheap flight:

  1. Fly low costs. Low cost airlines always offer the lowest airfare.
  2. Look for flights with transfers. Over long distances, it is best to fly with transfers. For example, a flight to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, and from there on a low-cost airline to Bali will be cheaper than a direct flight to Bali.
  3. Buy tickets in advance. Airfare is not constant, they either increase in price or become cheaper, it depends on a number of conditions and circumstances. So, there is a point when tickets are the cheapest! Usually this is one and a half to two months before departure.
  4. Buy tickets at night or early in the morning before the start of the working day. Ticket prices at this time are lower, and the choice is higher.